Which payment method is best for me?

  • Check: Pre-paying your order by check is best suited for persons or companies without an H. J. Oldenkamp account or for H. J. Oldenkamp COD customers.  In these instances, payment for materials is required prior to shipment.  You can send a check to…

H. J. Oldenkamp Co. – e-commerce

4850 Coolidge Hwy

Royal Oak, MI 48073

  • Credit Card: This method of payment can be used by either H. J. Oldenkamp customers or non-customers.  All purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of purchaser’s financial institution.  H. J. Oldenkamp does NOT store personal credit card information.
  • H. J. Oldenkamp Open or COD Account: Select this method of payment if you are currently an H. J. Oldenkamp customer and would like the invoice amount of your order placed on your H. J. Oldenkamp account. The processing of your purchase will follow the standard terms and conditions of your account. If you have a COD account with H. J. Oldenkamp and your materials are shipped by a carrier other than an H. J. Oldenkamp vehicle, payment is required prior to order processing and shipment.

Can I order materials from H. J. Oldenkamp if I am not in the territory serviced by H.J. Oldenkamp? (All or portions of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida)

  • At this time, H. J. Oldenkamp does not service territory outside of the above listed territory. The local distributor or manufacturer should be able to assist you in territories beyond our geographical marketing area.

Why are DuPont products only available from H. J. Oldenkamp in Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida?

  • The H. J. Oldenkamp Company is assigned all or portions of these states as a geographical marketing area (GMA) for DuPont products. Please contact the local distributor or DuPont for your sample and literature needs outside of this designated GMA.

If I visit a dealer, will they also have samples & literature available?

  • Yes, the local retailer network can service all your sample and literature needs.